Wer A sagt muß auch C sagen

Note for Breeders and Breed Clubs:

When a definitive test is developed for any disease,
there should be no reason to ever produce a puppy
adversely affected by that disease
Gary F. Mason, 1999


For breeders/owners:
If you are interested to publish the DNA-result from your dog in  
german periodical "Der Jagdspaniel" and  the german yearbook, please 
send the official result and  pedigree to Mr.Jan Kappetijn


Dogs obtained on this list's have either been published on other listīs (A Oneīs, Dan-Līs) official sides from Finland and Sweden!  official club-journals ( Der Jagdspaniel, Pro Spaniel)  Stud-books, Wikipedi

Or with  special  permission from owners/breeders


Solid Males A/A1

Solid Bitches A/A1

Solid Males B/B1

Solid Bitches B/B1

Solid Males and Bitches C/C1

Partie Males A/A1

Partie Bitches A/A1

Partie Males B/B1

Partie Bitches B/B1

Partie Males and Bitches C/C1


Total Solids:  357A 239B 50C
Total Particolour: 679A 347B 36C
Total Solids and Particolour:

+ ca. 100


+ 50


+ 9

Total of published dogs:


+ ca. 159 from Welfare Report

Official OptiGen-List's:

Cocker Club Deutschland e.V.

Spaniel Club Deutschland e.V



 Cockerspanielyt ry in Finland  

ESCSA List for Optigen tested ECS

 EFNF List for Optigen A/ A1and B/B1 Dogs